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WBE Supply, Inc.

For All Your Supply Needs
Certified woman-owned, small business

Description: WBE Supply, Inc is a NC HUB certified woman-owned, small business providing government and military supply procurement, construction services and management. Providing competitive pricing, accurate order fulfillment and excellent customer service. Our focus is on procuring goods made in the USA, with a focus on NC made products. Our goal is to meet your need with quality products, efficient order processing, and accurate delivery.
-Quality: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our service personnel and veterans.
-Experience and knowledge: Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing accurate, and timely customer service.
-Customer service: WBE Supply, Inc is committed to providing accurate, timely, and conscientious customer service to ensure seamless order delivery or construction fulfillment.

826 E Hanover Rd
Graham, NC 27302
United States
phone: (919) 335-5335
fax: (336) 223-8024

238130, 236220, 236210, 238140, 238190, 238290, 238320, 332311, 442110, 423450, 423490, 446199, 453998, 238990, 442291, 561790, 238390, 442291, 561790, 238390, 423610, 423210, 451130, 332311, 332312, 332913, 327110, 423850, 414999

Expiration date: 01/01/2045

Publisher Information

Name: melissa S whetzel
Location: North Carolina
TEL: 919-335-5335

09/28/2018 11:05 am    10/01/2018 07:56 am