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White Papers

Check out our guides on doing business with government agencies, to help your first few jobs flow smoothly, and feel comfortable with the process of working with government projects. If your business is qualified for a minority owned, or small business set aside, check out our guide on that as well.

In the first guide, we cover topics such as; what constitutes a government agency, why you may want to consider contracting with a government agency, how government agencies do business, examples of government procurement bids, the difference between formal and informal bids, public bid thresholds, prime contractors and subcontractors, bonding and insurance, and some cautions you may want to consider.

In the second guide, if your company is a small business, a Minority-Owned enterprise, or operates within whatthe U.S. government refers to as a “Historically Under-Utilized Business Zone”, the U.S. government will often designate special contract opportunities “set aside” just for those kinds of businesses. In this guide, we will show you what kinds of businesses are able to apply for these special contracts, and the step needed to do so.